04 Feb

About GOOG-411

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You don’t need a computer, an Internet connection, or even the keypad on your phone or mobile device. GOOG-411 is voice-activated, so you can access it from any phone (mobile or land line), in any location, at any time. For free. (*)

Dial (1-800) GOOG-411. Say where. Say what you’re looking for. GOOG-411 will connect you with the business you choose.

If you are calling from a mobile device, GOOG-411 can even send you a text message with more details and a map. Simply say “Text message” or “Map it.”

What some users say about GOOG-411

“Simply Amazing. Great for when I am driving around since it is all voice activated. Just throw on the bluetooth headset, click GOOG-411, and enjoy!”
– Peter Urda
“This feature is awesome! Now I can use this instead of getting charged a lot of money on my cell phone while I am on the road! Thanks Google!”
– Christina Luzar
“I have been messing with GOOG-411 recently and find it simply amazing. I even plan to use it on vacation this summer to find hotel rooms in the cities I will be stopping at. Thanks, Google!”
– Adam Moore
* Your telephone company may apply usual charges for making a phone call or receiving an SMS. You will not be charged any additional 411 fee.