18 Jun

Information on 866 Toll Free Service

A flexible open line communication with the customers for 24 hours is really important to flourish a business. And obviously, that communication line with the customer should be a toll-free one. Any customer would feel really enthusiastic to inquire about any product or service if the call for that inquiry does not cost any amount from him. Only a toll free number gives such a facility to the customer where the caller doesn’t need to pay for the call, but the called party needs to pay. In the recent times, almost each of the business houses have their own dedicated toll free numbers. There are some specific prefix digits used in the beginning of the toll free numbers. The digits 800 are the oldest and most common to be used by the toll free numbers; but in recent times, the business world is more familiar with the 866 Toll Free service.

When the concept of toll free numbers was first used by AT&T in the year of 1967, that was not any issue of advertisement purpose, rather it was used to modify the telecommunication system by decreasing the number of telephone operators. The concept of toll free number became globally popular with the invention of Weber’s second generation toll free communication system. Gradually the concept of vanity number emerged in the toll free system and it became the mother of 866 toll free number service. A vanity number is a specific type of toll free number which represent the letters of the name of the related company. Any person can simply know the toll free number of the company from the company name from this vanity number concept. The vanity number concept has brought a revolution in the branding of the company.

Today you can meet any of your queries regarding any company or you can get any information about the products & services by simply dialing a toll free number. But this has not happened in one day. The 800 numbers & 1-800 numbers were the pathfinders in the toll free number system. Gradually 888, 877 & 866 toll free numbers emerged into the market. The 866 toll free number service is considered to be the newest and most popular toll free concept in the business world of the current times. The underline story is, if you want to advertise your product or service properly and want to have a huge customer base, you must have a toll free telephone number to better assist your clients.

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