27 Jan

How to Choose a Toll Free Provider

Almost everybody sees toll free numbers everywhere. Those numbers can be seen on business cards, billboards, infomercials, and websites. And many businesses use those telephone numbers to receive distress, and sales calls from their respective customers. To elaborate, here are some more details on why business use and need toll free numbers:


Business owners can get a customized vanity toll free number they want from any toll free provider. Because of that, they can insert some marketing strategy on it by making their numbers easy to remember. For example, the number 1-800-438-7877 or 1-800-GET-PUPS is effortless to remember, and this number effectively describes a company that sells puppies.


Letting people know that a business has a toll free number may let them associate that business to other successful companies. It is a fact that almost all big firms have toll free numbers. Because of that, people will stereotypically brand that business as a large and professional company.


Of course, nobody would waste their call time, and call a long distance number just to ask questions about a product that they are halfhearted to buy. Because of that, advertising a toll free number that potential customers can call may let a firm communicate with them and sell them something. According to some reports, business owners and call centers who added toll free origination to their contact list have experienced noticeable increases in their sales figures.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Toll Free Provider Every individual and company has its own needs. One cannot just request for a service install, and think about the features of the product he has bought or signed up. So, before one gets a toll free number from any provider, he must answer the following questions first.

• Will the business need great hold time music for its customers?
• Will the business operator need to call back to its customers?
• Will the business need a company directory for its departments?
• Will the business need to record calls?
• Will the business need to have its toll number to reroute the calls it receives?

Those are only a few questions one should consider. Answering them will give the business owner an idea of the additional features he needs to be present in his toll free number. Asides from that, he will be able to estimate the amount of money that he needs to pay a toll free provider monthly to maintain the service also.

Some Tips on Choosing and Using a Toll Free Number

•  Always choose a vanity number that starts with 800 or 888
•  Your toll free vanity name should describe your business fully (e.g 1-800-GOT-MILK)
•  Never forget to include the toll free number on all advertising paraphernalia that the business will use.
•  Do not set up a complex word as your toll free number’s vanity name (e.g. 1-800-ABCDNTL)

One must know about this information about toll free provider and number. He must remember that it is not only advantageous on enhancing customer relationship, but it has also other advantages like additional marketing strategy, improvement on company image, and more sales opportunities.

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