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Toll Free 866 Numbers

Is 866  toll free? Yes, 866 numbers are a specific type of toll free number. If anyone calls to such a number, the calling party is not charged any cost, instead the called party is charged for the cost of the call. Any toll free number commonly starts with a special prefix number. The most common prefix number for the toll free numbers is 1-866. Although such prefix number can vary between countries.

The structure of a toll free number is such that it can be remembered very easily. Repetition of specific digits or use of multiple zeros after 866 is commonly used for constructing a toll-free number.

Most commonly, the customer care numbers of different business houses are the toll free numbers. Organizations use the 866 toll free numbers for the sake of branding or a responsive tool for the advertising. The emergency help numbers or the social aid numbers registered by the Government are the toll free numbers.

The first toll-free service was provided by AT&T in the USA on 2nd May, 1967. This toll free service was aimed to reduce the number of operators by collecting the call. The second generation of the toll-free number system was invented by Bridgewater, New Jersey. From 1982, AT&T started using the Weber’s new invention of the toll-free system, which was called as the “Database Communication Call processing Method” and most popularly known as “866 Call”. Up to 1986, AT&T had the monopoly on the toll-free numbers. But from 1992, the full portability of 866 toll free numbers started and since then each of the telecommunication companies could use the toll free numbers. From the earlier half of 1990’s, the 866 toll free numbers became a complete business tool due to the rise of specific vanity number like the 866 numbers.

Different countries have the different structures of 866 toll free numbers. In America, the area code needs to be dialed after 866. This toll free prefix range in the USA has been expanded with the numbers like 888, 877, 866, 855 etc. In UK, the 1-866 number starts with 0866, 0808 or 0500 and these numbers are called ‘Freephone’ numbers. China has both the 866 toll free numbers & 400 toll free numbers. Also there are certain worldwide 866 toll-free numbers issued by ITU and these are called as Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN).

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Toll Free 866 Numbers
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Toll Free 866 Numbers
SIP Toll Free has a large pool of 866 numbers with rates starting at $0.0149 cents per minute and we offer lower rates for large volume call centers and businesses


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